Chair Challenge

I grew up relaxing in this classic, Canadian chair. Starting our own home, the price tag always made me consider these chairs as an unreasonable option.

We wandered into a wholesale store on one of our weekend getaways and in the back corner, I was stunned to see dozens of chair options with amazing costs! We got to pick our style, they were packaged up for easy transport, and all ready for assembly, plus a nice finish.

The excitement wore off slightly, after returning home, I realized all the slats I had to cover. My first attempt, I decided they would look lovely stained. In my opinion, the stain colour I put on didn’t enhance the natural wood. Frustrated, I decided to go with paint. Knowing how time consuming the stain process had been, you’ll understand that my second option wasn’t just paint, it was spray paint. We finished two coats, plus a sealed finish, in a fraction of the time and now, these chairs greet everyone on our front porch!

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