Forever Flooring

When we arrived the second story and stairs were carpeted. Clean carpet, but still carpet. Not my favourite, but I assumed we would eventually get around to changing it. We had many conversations when we should do this (as many of your know, flooring isn’t cheap). We had just seen the paperwork, with final house costs and our budget was slim.


We made the decision to redo the flooring immediately in the few months we took ownership, but had not yet, moved in. It would be easier without moving furniture and we found laminate to be a great alternative to hardwood floors. This began the process of picking a flooring that would suit us in the long run and without knowing the majority of other design choices.

Also, we wanted to do the work ourselves (to save cost). So, we ripped up the carpet and the underlay, before we even bought laminate. Yeah, we committed hard. I learned a lot. About pulling back the trim so you could reuse it, dreaded carpet staples, and how to put down new padding for our floor. Plus, cutting down trim and doors to fit the new floor height.

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