From the Kitchen to the Table

There are so many details I love in our dining area. Specifically, I want to show you two projects!

One of my favourite stories involved in this space, is the story of how our kitchen table came to be. We already had a beautiful, antique table (that is now my office desk). It was small, but I had every intention of using it in the kitchen and saving money in the meantime. We’re out in the car and the yard sales of the spring are just beginning.

Not far from home, we stop and find this table. With a price we couldn’t refuse, we pay for it and realize we now own a table that is far too big to fit into our car (a problem we have often). So, do we call for help? Nope! We decide to walk it home, which is further away than we originally believed. It’s a great way to meet neighbours! Plus, this table required multiple coats of paint, but I smile and appreciate the love that it required every time I see it.

The second, big project started this fall. I spotted these tin, roof tiles after a day at an antique market. We got to vendor just in time to buy the last 14 tiles; they had come off a house that was over a hundred years old. I love the texture and it is the perfect way to finish off an otherwise clean, but boring wall. Now, these tiles with functional history, add interest and colour as their very own art!

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